Have fun discovering!

Headwave is the new generation 
of Helmet speaker

experience the concert hall feeling inside the helmet

Headwave Statement:

We believe that life should not be taken toooo seriously. 
 ...there is no way to come out alive anyway 😉 

We believe that everyone should focus on enjoying life and making the most out of every moment.

That's exactly why we invented Headwave. Everything fun is even better with music!

Headwave - because the sound is simply awesome.


The unique Concert-Capsule™ technology turns the helmet itself into a resonating body.
You are surrounded naturally by the music. It's as if you're in the middle of a big BoomBox.

You can still hear the important sounds around you.
Ambulance, your engine, your exhaust - it's like listening to music in your car.

Headwave TĀG

designed for adventurers


Connects with any 
Bluetooth® enabled device

Adhesive pad ACXPlus TesaTesa®

sticks tide even at 300kmh 
- but is still removable without residues

Environmental Listening

doesn't block your ears from the surroundings


24h with GPS instructions
7-9h with music


Easy installation 
- stick & go


waterproof due to laser-welded housing
Doesn't block important sounds
fits any helmet

The truth is, every motorcyclist is singing under the helmet

Hammer Sound und keine KabeL

Velcro set


With Velcro set you can use TĀG on several helmets at the same time. To reliably transfer the sound vibrations to the helmet shell, a small gel-pad is placed in the middle. The reliable connection to the helmet provides the 3M industrial Velcro. The set is enough for 3 helmets.



The Velcro set is an accessory for the helmet speaker "Headwave TĀG". It is used to attach your TĀG to multiple helmets.

Find optimal position

Connect your TĀG to your music source. With the sound turned on, test the optimal position for your TĀG at various points on your helmet. The transmission of vibrations takes place in the center of the device. This method will give you a first impression of how the sound quality should be and at which position the sound sounds best.
For TĀG, it's best to choose an area in the center back of the helmet. The lower it sits, the more bass it has. The higher it sits, the more treble it has.

The sound quality of TĀG is largely dependent on the adhesive connection and the ideal position on the helmet. If the connection to the helmet is not given to a sufficient extent, the sound quality suffers. The sound vibrations cannot be fully transmitted. TĀG is then too quiet or bass or treble are missing. It is also possible that the sound is overdriven and it sounds like it came out of a cookie jar. The Concert Capsule Technology™ used uses the helmet itself as a resonance body, which means that the sound itself is first created in the helmet. A reliable adhesive connection is therefore crucial.

Mount Velcro

Once you have found the optimal position on the helmet for your TĀG, clean it thoroughly. Remove any stickers or helmet logos as far as possible. If necessary, use a hair dryer to loosen any adhesive residue. Then clean the back of the TĀG. Both surfaces must be free of grease, dust and dry. Please use the enclosed alcohol cleaning cloth for this. Other cleaning methods may leave a film on the area, which will negatively affect the sound. Please do not use glass cleaner, helmet and visor cleaner, silicone remover or acetone-containing agents. Your TĀG can only be reliably bonded at temperatures above 15°C. Please store the helmet and your TĀG at room temperature for a few hours before mounting it.
The Velcro set contains 8 identical Velcro elements and two gel pads. 4 Velcro elements are already connected in pairs. Please use these for the first assembly on your helmet. Remove the protective film from one side of a Velcro pair. Stick it completely to one end of the TĀG - left or right - and press it firmly. Now take the other Velcro pair, remove the protective film and stick it to the other side of the TĀG. The gel pad goes in the middle.

Your TĀG is now ready to be mounted on your helmet. Remove the remaining protective films from the Velcro pairs. To attach the TĀG, bend it open slightly so that the gel pad first makes contact with the helmet. Then press TĀG evenly and firmly all over. Make sure your TĀG is centered. To make sure that the glue also makes contact with the helmet everywhere, systematically press along your TĀG with your thumb. Please also press hard on the soft areas of TĀG. Then carefully loosen the Velcro (the glue has not yet reached its full adhesive strength) and press the Velcro elements on the TĀG and on the helmet individually.

Now check the sound by reattaching the TĀG. Make sure that the Velcro is fully engaged and the gel pad is pressed firmly against the helmet. If the sound is optimal for you and you are satisfied with the sound quality, you have done everything right. Let the adhesive rest for 24 hours so that it can develop its full adhesive strength.

The gel pad is responsible for the reliable transmission of sound vibrations. When it is not in contact with the helmet, the sound is louder outside than inside the helmet. The gel pad is reusable. Please clean it regularly with water and a mild soap. After drying, the original adhesive force is restored. The scope of delivery includes a replacement gel pad.

Mounting on other helmets

To use your TĀG on other helmets, please loosen the Velcro connection to the first helmet. There are now two Velcro elements remaining on the helmet. The Velcro counterparts and the gel pad are on your TĀG. Now use two more Velcro elements from the set and position them on the Velcro on the TĀG. Press them firmly until the Velcro is fully engaged. Remove the protective films from the Velcro pieces and position your TĀG on the second helmet. To install, bend the TĀG open slightly so that the gel pad makes contact with the helmet first. Then press it firmly and evenly all over.

Now check the sound or your sound result. Please let the glue rest again for 24 hours.

To use your TĀG on a third helmet, please proceed as in step 3 and use the remaining 2 Velcro elements.

Have fun and enjoy the sun!

Additional information

Weight 0,15 g
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 0,5 cm

Industrial Velcro by 3M, 3M SJ4570 Dual Lock Translucent

Gel pad

for reliable transmission of sound vibrations, reusable, washable


3 Velcro units for 3 helmets

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