colorful TĀGs


Headwave TĀG 2 - colorful

we have covered your TĀG with spray film, now it is colorful.
Have fun with it!

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All the features of the colorful TĀG are the same as the original TĀG. It can also be used with the Velcro set or normally with the adhesive pads.
Be a little careful when cleaning - do not use strong cleaners that could attack the spray film. It is best to use only water and soap.
If you have a desired color that is not yet in the range, please let us know.

The spray film can be removed without leaving any residue.

Used 5 coats of white spray film and 4 coats of colored spray film. May be imitated with pleasure : )

Note: The LEDs are difficult to see through the spray film.



Headwave TĀG - the subwoofer for your helmet

- Music and GPS instructions -

We believe that everything fun is even better with music! That's why we invented Headwave TĀG.

TĀG is the new standard of helmet speakers.

Special is that TĀG uses the helmet itself as a resonating body. TĀG is simply stuck to the outside of the helmet and creates a surround sound inside the helmet using sound vibrations - the result is comparable to music in the car or a surround system in the living room. The advantage is, it is completely cable-free and nothing blocks your ears or restricts your freedom inside the helmet. Headwave is the legal and safe solution for listening to music or GPS instruction on the motorcycle.

TĀG 2 comes with a new design. Battery life is 20% longer and it is 20% louder than the previous generation. 

Additionally, TĀG 2 has two volume buttons now.


.GPS instructions

.compatibility with all KTM and BMW systems

.2-minute installation

.long battery life: >12h for GPS instructions, 5-7h for music (depending on music gendre)


.strong special adhesive pad, removable

.environmental listening, free your ears


.fits any helmet

.magnetic charging cable

Additional information

Weight 0,5 g
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 8 cm
Battery life

7-9h, depending on the music style and the volume
for navigation announcements more than 24h


Bluetooth® 4.1
from cell phone or navigation system
HFP v1.6, AVRCP v1.4, A2DP v1.2, HSP v1.2, Bluetooth® class 3

Music Player

Any player can be used, no special software is needed


Voice instructions from cell phone (any app) or navigation system

waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant

IP67, you could actually take it into the shower with you


123mm x 61mm x 23mm

enormous bass

powerful, palpable bass

Flexible material

adapts to any helmet

Magnetic charging cable

TĀG is charged with a magnetic USB charging cable that fits into any 5V USB output.

external mounting

TĀG is attached to the outside of the helmet, nothing needs to be installed inside the helmet

Temperature range

-15°C to 50°C

extremely strong adhesive pad

Withstands speeds of over 300kmh


100% cordless; nothing can pinch, jam or restrict your movements


TĀG is controlled by only one button, volume can be controlled by volume buttons on the top of the device

Emergency stop

pressing the button pauses the music immediately


in the event of a sudden very strong force, the adhesive bond becomes crystalline and immediately bursts off the helmet

Number of Bluetooth® connections

1 connection, no multipoint


neon yellow, neon pink, blue, red, green, white, neon orange

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